Freshwater Ecologist

RiverLy, EcoFlowS

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ORCID ID : 0000-0003-4295-6361



Key research topics and activities

Human impact on freshwater ecosystems


Animal dispersal and recruitment in stream networks

  • Landscape connectivity for aquatic and terrestrial life stages of aquatic organisms
  • Population genetics (fish, macroinvertebrates) of stream populations
  • Emergence of life history bottlenecks for freshwater species with complex life cycles (aquatic insects, migratory fish)


Functional ecology

  • Cross-ecosystem links (subsidy ecology)
  • Stable isotope use in evaluating human impact on freshwater food webs


Restoration ecology: combining social and ecological goals        

  • Socio-ecological effects of river connectivity restoration
  • Knowledge transfer from research to practitioners


Student supervision (Master students)

  • Emilie Mauduit, 2019 (Université de Poitiers) Spatio-temporal patterns of mobility of resident river trout, Salmo trutta fario: combination of telemetric and genetic data.
  • Alexia Mustarda, 2018 (Université Claude Bernard Lyon I) Analyse de viabilité des populations: construction d’un modèle de dynamique de populations de truites dans un cours d’eau pyrénéen.


Other responsibilities

  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Parc National de Forêts
  • Co-coordinator of the Ecological Restoration network within INRAE
  • Reviewer for: Freshwater Biology, Aquatic Sciences, Aquatic Ecology, Freshwater Science, Hydrobiologia, Diversity and Distributions, The Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Limnologica, Biotropica, Ecology, Molecular Ecology, PeerJ, Frontiers in Environmental Science
  • Project evaluation for the Czech Science Foundation


Peer-reviewed publications

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Reports and publications without peer-review process (in German/French)

Le Pichon C., Alp, M. (2018) Projet ANACONDHA « Analyse spatiale de la connectivité des habitats fonctionnels pour les poissons à l’échelle de l’estuaire ». Rapport de recherche du programme Seine Aval 5.

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