Multiscale Eco-Hydrology

EcoFlowS team

The EcoFlowS team develops, test and transfers tools for predicting the ecological consequences of the management and the restoration of stream physical habitats (hydrology, hydraulics, temperature, substrate, intermittency). We target quantitative results that are transferable across a wide range of ecosystems and have quantified uncertainties. For this purpose, we use a comparative approach of biological dynamics and trends (fish, macro-invertebrates, other groups) in a wide range of systems, from steep mountain streams to large rivers and intermittent streams. 

Multiple spatial and temporal scales are involved in our approaches, with the aim of :

  • better understanding the causal mechanisms that drive individual behaviour, and
  • predicting the consequences of these mechansims at the larger scale of population and communities, in stream reaches and networks. 

Contact us: Jérémy PIFFADY


26 May 2023

Redaction: SW

Intermittent rivers: Illustration from the Albarine River, Ain.

VIDEO : Naturally intermittent rivers are suffering this year too: excessively long/extensive dry spells, refuges in very poor condition (temperatures/algae/nutrients): have tipping points been crossed this summer ?
TIGRE project
This video is a product of the ALTER-Net High Impact Action entitled “From meta-system theory to the sustainable, adaptive management of rivers in the Anthropocene”.
01 November 2023
Congés Toussaint

Field – based developments


Predictive Management Tools


Long term tests of predictions


Global coordinated experiment: 1000 intermittent rivers project 

Join our international network: Today, 115 collaborators from 28 countries and >250 rivers considered… and it’s expanding! Participate to BiodiversIRES, our second coordinated, global experiment!