Key recent publications

New Book: Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams. Editors: Thibault Datry Núria Bonada Andrew Boulton
eBook ISBN:9780128039045/ Paperback ISBN:9780128038352


Special Issues:

Special Issue River Research and Applications: Ecohydraulics, 2017. Ecohydraulics from microhabitats to catchment management.
Guest Editors : Harby A., Lamouroux N., Martinez-Capel F.

 Special Issue Journal of Environmental Management: Large-scale river management: 2017. Enlarging spatial and temporal scales for riverine biophysical diagnosis and adaptive management.
Guest Editors : Piégay H., Lamouroux N.

Special Issue Freshwater Biology: Intermittent Rivers Ecology, 2016. Intermittent river ecology as a maturing, multi-disciplinary science.
Guest Editors : Thibault Datry, Ken Fritz & Catherine Leigh

Special Issue Freshwater Biology: River Restoration, 2015. Towards a predictive restoration ecology: a case study of the French Rhône River
Guest Editors : Nicolas Lamouroux , James A. Gore, Fabio Lepori & Bernhard Statzner

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