Graph Barrage
Example of habitat-flow curve obtained by our models, used to identify minimum flows below dams

The EcoFlowS team is specialized in hydraulic habitat models. Habitat models link hydraulic models of river reaches with biological models reflecting fish and invertebrates preferences for their hydraulic microhabitat. Our models (e.g. estimhab, stathab) are routinely used for defining legal ecological flows below dams and other water abstraction works.

Original developments in habitat modelling have concerned the development of statistical habitat models, which are based on a statistical view of stream hydraulics and whose application requires less field investment. We also quantified the generality & transferability of hydraulic preferences. These results enable large-scale applications of the models.


 Crustace Barbeau

Some aquatic taxa have preferences for hydraulics with a high degree of transferability among rivers


Statistical habitat models can be applied at large scale  to translate flow aletration into hydraulic habitat alteration. Large-scale applications can contribute to the ecological optimisation of water abstraction in catchments